addUI Store

A JavaScript Shopping Cart

addUI Store is an easy to use jQuery plugin that adds a fully featured store to any website in minutes. The store plugin is written in pure JavaScript (jQuery). PHP is used to secure the store (validate the items' costs / cart's total) and securely process payments.

Easily create your store using the Store Builder, export the store, upload it to your server and your ready to start selling today.

Stripe Shopping Cart

Since Stripe Checkout does not have an official shopping cart this store we built this cart on the same principles as the stripe embedded checkout. A widget written in mostly JavaScript with a little server-side code used for securing the transaction.

addUI Store can be easily integrated with Stripe Checkout in minutes. Simply copy and paste your API keys into the addUI Store settings in the Store Builder.

Mobile Friendly

addUI Store is built using Adaptive Responsive CSS3 to fit any screen size. Easily embed it into your mobile friendly site without worrying about breaking mobile compatibility. addUI Store works with all mobile browser and operating systems.


And the best part... addUI Store is free to use. Simply build, export, and start making money.
Stripe charges still apply while using Stripe Checkout.

addUI Store is also Open Source and is available for download on GitHub.

Because addUI Store was not easy to make, and it is free to use, please consider donating to help fund future versions and projects.

Secured with PHP

While the store itself is written in JavaScript and runs in the browser, the cart is continually validated using PHP to ensure your customers are always paying what they should.

Payments are securely processed automatically using Stripe and PHP to ensure the safety of your customers information.

No Code

This plugin requires no code to be written in JavaScript or PHP. With the Store Builder and a few lines of copy and pasted HTML your website can have a store in minutes.

Developer Friendly E-Commerce Solution - APIs

Developer Friendly

While it is possible to use addUI Store without knowing any code, it's alight if you do... we like that. addUI Store offers many APIs that make integrating other plugins easy.

If you do not want to use Stripe that's ok too. Our settings and APIs allow you to integrate other payment services or create your own.

Don't like the way it looks? Because addUI Store runs directly in your page and not in an <iframe> you can easily edit the look and feel of your store using CSS.

No Databases

addUI Store uses a set of JSON files instead of a complex SQL databases. Simply export your store from the Store Builder and upload it to your sever.